Energized Entrepreneur

Taking care of your health doesn't have to wait until you're "successful enough" in your business.

Being able to whip up a sales page when inspiration strikes, live stream on social media, and promote your new offer on multiple platforms is the fabulous magic of the internet.

You love having an online business, but it can be so demanding of your energy, ya know?

You can enjoy success, without sacrificing your energy and health along the way. 

You're human, not a machine.

Planning to have consistent energy every day to handle all the roles and responsibilities of your life and business isn't realistic, especially if you're already burned out, have a chronic illness, or are in a life transition.

What if you could learn how to navigate the ebb and flow of your own energy AND meet the energy needs of different phases of your business?

While you can automate your emails, social media posts, contract requests, and communication between software, you can't automate your health.

You can't outsource healthy living either, but you can learn from a fitness specialist and online business owner who know what you're going through. Unlike most personal trainers or nutrition coaches, I'll show you how to take a holistic look at your health, life, and business, so it all works well together.

Hello Hello!

My name is Michelle Stevens.  I'm a fitness professional, and Type 1 Diabetic, that believes in adapting your self-care, fitness, and nutrition plans to your energy and life. I've learned the hard way how being a well-rounded overachiever can lead to burnout. I've also learned how easy it is to let your health slip to the bottom of the priority list while building a business. Obviously, neither is a great idea. I'm here to help you find your sweet spot somewhere in the middle of those extremes.

This workshop will help you make your health a priority again, without needing to spend all your valuable time and attention obsessing over "doing it right."

With the help of the Energized Entrepreneur Workshop, you can start:

  • Navigating the various energy demands of each phase of your business and promotion schedule,
  • Adjusting your plans to the ebb and flow of your own energy,
  • Building awareness of how stress affects your health,
  • Living a healthy-ish life that has movement, nourishment, and recovery sprinkled throughout, and
  • Letting go of the perfectionism and punishment mindset of fitness-as-usual and diet culture.

Ambitious? Yeah, I know. (but I know you are, too 😉)

"This course is fantastic! It helped me identify how I've been feeling during different times of my business seasons. Michelle breaks down into bite-size episodes the roller-coaster of emotions you experience during launches and just running a business. She also provides tips and helpful ideas to make her methods work for you! To all the perfectionists out there, this course is for you." 

-Aliza Rose, The Business Mystic

The Energized Entrepreneur Workshop is the start, or continuation, of your journey to escape fitness and diet culture. You'll learn a more sustainable and holistic way of taking care of yourself that doesn't demand all your time and attention. After all, you are the most important asset of your business.

Taking care of your health doesn't have to wait until you're "successful enough." You can start sneaking healthy activities into your life now.

Register today to get started on this fantastic and rebellious journey of prioritizing your body and health.

I'd be absolutely delighted to be your guide.

I have big plans to add to this workshop and transform it into a comprehensive resource for entrepreneurs. Now really is the best time to join. You'll receive all future updates.

You'll receive:

-the workshop as a private podcast that you can take on-the-go

-ongoing updates as this workshop transforms into a course and resource for healthy-ish living

Sign up by clicking the button below. 

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