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Energized for Business

Learn simple ways to sneak healthy activities into your day without obsessing about doing it perfectly. Your time and energy are precious. This is your opportunity to take care of your body without the side of diet-culture.

In the Energized for Business Private Podcast, you'll be supported in:

  • Adapting your plans to your energy levels
  • Adding more movement to your day
  • Feeding your body and soul 
  • Recovering your energy as a top priority
  • Making this all a quick, 20 minute, part of your lifestyle 

Self-Love Workout Plan

Let's build those self-love and self-care muscles!

You're worth it, Queen.

Through this "workout plan" PDF, you'll discover how to support your physical, mental, and emotional health by adding self-care activities to your routine a little bit at a time.

This process will create a beautiful foundation to balance your future fitness and nutrition endeavors.

Health & Beauty Declutter Challenge

Create space for healthier habits and routines by clearing out the old, negative, or expired stuff that's weighing you down and cluttering your bathroom.

No shame here. You're not alone in holding onto health, beauty, and fitness products.

More importantly, you don't have to live with that stuff. It's taking up physical space, weighing you down, and creating guilt for not using it. 

Squeeze in 5 Minutes of Movement Challenge

No Burpees (or sports bra) necessary!

Whether you were at the front of your yoga class in 2019 or haven’t worked out since you graduated, by the end of this free 4-day challenge you will see how simple it is to get more physical activity back into your week, 5 minutes at a time. It all adds up.

Join the Squeeze in 5 Minutes of Movement free challenge and learn how to get a little more movement into your work from home days so you can feel less blah and more vibrant. 

Energized Entrepreneur

Taking care of your health doesn't have to wait until you're "successful enough" in your business. 

This workshop will help you make your health a priority again, without needing to spend all your valuable time and attention obsessing over "doing it right."

With the help of the Energized Entrepreneur Workshop, you can start:

  • Navigating the various energy demands of each phase of your business and promotion schedule,
  • Adjusting your plans to the ebb and flow of your own energy,
  • Building awareness of how stress affects your health,
  • Living a healthy-ish life that has movement, nourishment, and recovery sprinkled throughout, and
  • Letting go of the perfectionism and punishment mindset of fitness-as-usual and diet culture.

Ambitious? Yeah, I know. (but I know you are, too 😉)

Spoonful of Burnout Relief

This is your toolkit to make practical, pleasurable, and stress-relieving self-care part of your weekly routines.

It's tempting to get back to normal and try to undo the effect of the 2020s on your life ASAP, but we need burnout recovery first. Will a bubble bath fix your burnout? Nope. (Sorry!)

On the other hand, making regular time for stress-relieving self-care will make all the difference in reclaiming and reestablishing your queendom. I believe it’s possible for you.

This workshop will help you focus on what you can do each day and prioritize your energy so that one day little glimmers of hope start to appear. Slowly but surely, the hope and relief will grow. 

Spoonful of Fitness

Exercise Demystified

With Spoonful of Fitness, you can find your happy combination of rest and movement, somewhere in the expansive space between sitting and burpees, that boosts confidence and love for your body.

Exercising to punish or "fix" yourself is so pre-lockdown. There are more reasons to keep your body moving than weight loss. Explore what exercise can mean for you.

  • Find your strength.
  • Get out of your head.
  • Enjoy moving through space. 

Spoonful of Nutrition

Food Sensitivities Simplified

No fad diets here. Learn the foundations of good nutrition, a simpler approach to elimination diets if you suspect food sensitivities, and find what foods make your body happy. 

Food is meant to be enjoyed, but sometimes food doesn't love you back. You may have to break up with a few, just a few. You'll learn the food that you can be friends with and a simple way to eliminate problem foods through Spoonful of Nutrition.

Fit for a Queen: Declare Your New Normal

The 2020s are offering the perfect chance for you to create new habits, prioritize your health and establish new boundaries. This workshop presents an energy-first approach to planning your week and making fitness, nutrition, and self-care part of your life.

You'll be able to create a flexible plan that's filled with the best fitness, nutrition, and self-care strategies for you with the My Body My Queen energy-first approach to life, even when life is chaotic or you're managing a chronic illness. 

Queen of Decisions

Combat option overwhelm and become a Queen of Decisions in 60 minutes or less.

You'll learn:

  • options for quick decision making,
  • a 1-hour process for narrowing down your options when you're overwhelmed, and
  • how to move forward with the most doable action.

This process is presented in:

  • text form here in MemberVault
  • text form in Notion
  • Audio with slides for health & fitness decisions
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